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Ever since we produced our first CD some twenty years ago (G. Mahler by H. Scherchen) and after more than 700 CDs and some SACDs, Tahra has remained faithful to its founding principles: resurrecting musical treasures from the past and resume a sort of past golden age of the art of conducting and performing.

In our days of mass culture and of stardom, our's is a healthy journey back to some great conductors who left some real sublime pages in the history of music of the first part of the Twentieth century: Hermann Scherchen, Hermann Abendroth, Hans Knappertsbusch, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Karel Ancerl, Pierre Monteux, Eugen Jochum, Willem Mengelberg, Igor Markevitch, Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt, Kyrill Kondrachine, to name just a few, and to a certain number of great soloists (Youra Guller, Lazare-Lévy, Eduard Erdmann, Clara Haskil, Kathleen Ferrier or Kirsten Flagstad among others.).

Through this labour of memory, Music joins up with History. 


It is with great sadness that I must announce the unexpected and sudden death of my partner in life René Trémine, who was the creator and co-founder of Tahra. René Trémine was a born music lover, and this love came initially from listening to the organ. He then trained himself by tirelessly listening to music, exerting his immense appetite for reading and never ending research work that endured throughout his life. He was one of the earliest active members of the French Furtwängler Society, for which he made a richly illustrated monograph on Furtwängler’s activity in France. Tahra was born in 1993; and step by step, it came to be known for its historic recordings dedicated to conductors and other performers who had been slightly ignored by the great labels, like Hermann Scherchen, Hermann Abendroth and many others. We did have some difficult moments, but also moments of sheer joy, and our work was appreciated. We still have many projects, but a few months ago we had prepared a possible last Tahra CD in which we wanted to tell our story. I have programmed this CD as a last homage to René and want to thank all those men and women who have so generously helped and sustained us through these years. René will continue to live through the Tahra CDs and his research work. Tahra’s last CD, Tahra Story Tah 768, will come out in April. The booklet tells our lovely story, and the CD itself is dedicated to our very first conductors: Hermann Scherchen, Hermann Abendroth and Wilhelm Furtwängler. However, after a big amount of heart-searching I am convinced that it would be an insult to the memory of René to put an abrupt end to Tahra. While I don’t envisage continuing the CD production as such, I will do my utmost to keep available the existing CDs (among which some of the very earliest Tahra productions and a few rare incunabula) and especially to make available and readable the results of all the research work done during these 23 years of work. I’ll get back to you as soon as things will be clearer. Thank you for your attention. Myriam Scherchen. Myriam Scherchen


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Myriam Scherchen & René Trémine
ATTENTION: To contact me, please use only the address above (Myriam.scherchen@wanadoo.fr) or call me directly on my portable phone 00336 15 32 55 93 or the normal phone 00332 54 84 20 43.
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Little by little, part of our productions will be available (according to contracts) for downloading and booklets can be requested directly from us in PDF format. Please see our catalogue
Last update:  17 January 2015
SPECIAL OFFER: We are selling the last copies of the two issues: Furtwängler "A Discography" and "Concert Listing 1906-1954" compiled by René Trémine together with the set Furt 1014-1015 "Previously Unpublished Historic Recordings 1939-1944" (2 interviews, Haendel, Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart et Ravel), at the price of 20 euros plus postage and packaging.
Reviews of Tahra recordings may be found on MusicWeb-International.com (http://www.musicweb-international.com) and on www.audaud.com

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