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Ever since we produced our first CD some twenty years ago (G. Mahler by H. Scherchen) and after more than 700 CDs and some SACDs, Tahra has remained faithful to its founding principles: resurrecting musical treasures from the past and resume a sort of past golden age of the art of conducting and performing.

In our days of mass culture and of stardom, our's is a healthy journey back to some great conductors who left some real sublime pages in the history of music of the first part of the Twentieth century: Hermann Scherchen, Hermann Abendroth, Hans Knappertsbusch, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Karel Ancerl, Pierre Monteux, Eugen Jochum, Willem Mengelberg, Igor Markevitch, Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt, Kyrill Kondrachine, to name just a few, and to a certain number of great soloists (Youra Guller, Lazare-Lévy, Eduard Erdmann, Clara Haskil, Kathleen Ferrier or Kirsten Flagstad among others.).

Through this labour of memory, Music joins up with History. 


Today – exactly one year ago - René Trémine left us. But he is still present through all the work he did, and all those CDs that so many music lovers still enjoy today. On this occasion, I would also like to thank all those people who, with simple words, e-mails or other messages, took part in our sorrow for a loss that, beyond his family, touches the world of music lovers with whom, through all these years, we established a wonderful feeling of mutual respect, appreciation and sometimes true friendship. A world held together by the great power and the love of music. This is why I decided to keep Tahra alive but respecting the decisions that René and I took together when we prepared our very last CD (Tah 768, Tahra Story). I will keep selling our CDs, of which there are still many references left, but I will try and make accessible René’s research work. However, I will start by publishing in Italian my father’s autobiography which we published in French back in 1992, before releasing our very first CD. Then, I hope to publish it again in French and in English. The book will contain many documents and pictures, and a CD. The reason why we start publishing it in Italian is that Italy became very important for my father – and my father for Italy – after the war: as said Luigi Nono, my father was for Italy at that time, the link between the new generation of musicians, Schoenberg and the Viennese School. In this way I hope to keep alive part of René’s work and Tahra, because Tahra and our personal history were intimately related. Sopcial Tribute on The Music Treasury for Sunday evening, April 26, 2015, 7 – 9 PM “Rene Tremine Remembered” Rene Tremine (1944-2013) left music lovers an inestimable legacy with Tahra Records, which he founded in 1992 with Myriam Scherchen, the daughter of eminent conductor Hermann Scherchen. Rene had been a founding member of the French Furtwaengler Society, and his conception of Tahra would embrace the legacies, commercial and in-concert, of the many world-class musicians he admired. By contacting both labels and concert halls, Rene and Myriam Scherchen obtained permissions and tapes of live concerts and issued them with the best possible sound. Of course, much of the issued material derived from Myriam’s father, Hermann Scherchen’s extensive work in ancient, romantic, and modern music. Along with its authoritative and informative booklets and pictorial documents, Tahra evolved into a distinctive collector’s label, with a repertory as fascinating as it was varied. Myrian Scherchen has kindly consented to include her own commentary, taped especially for this broadcast tribute, along with specific recommendations for a personal tribute (Cochereau - Saint-Saëns - Bruckner - Beethoven - Franck - Mozart) div> ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Un anno fa René Trémine se ne stava andando, lasciando dietro di sé tanto lavoro, tanta musica e tante ricerche. Vorrei innanzitutto ringraziare tutti i melomani italiani che si sono manifestati con semplici parole, lettere ed email per esprimere il loro cordoglio e la loro solidarietà. Con questo mondo di appassionati della musica, creatosi nel corso degli anni, si sono stabiliti man mano bellissimi rapporti di apprezzamento reciproco che a volte - grazie alla forza federatrice della musica - si trasformava addirittura in un rapporto di amicizia. È questo uno dei tanti motivi che m’induce a far di tutto per mantenere in vita Tahra – rispettando le decisioni che avevamo preso insieme quando avevamo progettato l’ultimo CD Tahra Story (Tah 768 ). Intanto continuerò a vendere i molti CD Tahra ancora disponibili e cercherò di rendere accessibile il lavoro di ricerca compiuto da René. Ne parlai con un amico di Tahra, il Professore Michele Napolitano, manifestando la mia intenzione di cominciare questo lavoro con la pubblicazione, in lingua italiana, dell’autobiografia di mio padre che avevamo pubblicato in francese nel lontano 1992, ancor prima di pubblicare il primissimo disco di Tahra. Tengo a pubblicarla in Italiano perché l’Italia è stata molto importante per mio padre nel secondo dopoguerra, e penso che mio padre sia stato pure molto importante per l’Italia. Basti pensare alla sua attività al San Carlo di Napoli, a Palermo e Catania, alla Scala di Milano, a Roma, Torino, ecc. Prima di insediarsi a Gravesano, avevamo vissuto per un periodo a Rapallo e probabilmente ci saremmo rimasti se non avesse trovato la grande casa di Gravesano dove poté finalmente realizzare il suo famoso studio. Michele Napolitano si mise subito al lavoro e tradusse la parte autobiografica di mio padre, che va dalla sua infanzia sino al 1954 (anno in cui fu registrata questa specie di autobiografia), mentre io sto traducendo il periodo fino alla sua morte avvenuta a Firenze, nel 1966. Il libro dovrà uscire ad agosto. Sarà accompagnato da un CD con estratti musicali e conterrà molte fotografie, documenti e una discografia. In seguito voglio ripubblicare l’autobiografia in francese e infine in inglese. Spero così di mantenere in vita il lavoro di René e di Tahra: dopotutto, la storia di Tahra e la nostra storia sono intimamente legate. Myriam Scherchen


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SPECIAL OFFER: We are selling the last copies of the two issues: Furtwängler "A Discography" and "Concert Listing 1906-1954" compiled by René Trémine together with the set Furt 1014-1015 "Previously Unpublished Historic Recordings 1939-1944" (2 interviews, Haendel, Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart et Ravel), at the price of 20 euros plus postage and packaging.
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