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The Art of Paul van Kempen, Vol. I

Tah 512/513 - The Art of Paul van Kempen, Vol. I

CD 1 : Liszt, Les Préludes (Polydor 1937) - Beethoven Symphony No. 8 (Polydor 1940) - Mendelssohn : Les Hébrides (Philips 1951) - Rossini: Guillaume Tell (DGG 1951)
CD 2 : Berlioz : Benvenuto Cellini (DGG 1951) - Brahms : Piano Concerto No. 2 (DGG 1952 / Adrian Aeschbacher) - Berliner Philharmoniker - Boocklet : Life of Van Kempen

We have chosen to pay a tribute to the great Dutch conductor Paul van Kempen with a series of three 2-CD sets (the first one with the Berlin Philharmonic, the second with the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, and the third one with the Hilversum Radio orchestra) reuniting recordings made between 1937 and 1952 as well as a previously unissued recording. The booklets will contain van Kempen's biography and a discography the first part of which will contain the 78 rpms and the second the recordings on magnetic tape.

Date : September, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129051211

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Composer : Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt, Mendelssohn
Artist : Kempen

Bruno Walter in Amsterdam

Tah 504 - Bruno Walter in Amsterdam

Brahms : Schicksalslied, op. 54 (Live 22.X.1947) - Mahler : Symphony No 1 (Live 16.X.1947) - Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam - Amsterdam Toonkunstkoor

Date : August, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129050412

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Composer : Brahms, Mahler
Artist : Walter

Peter Anders and Sena Jurinac, Arias and operas' duets

Tah 503 - Peter Anders and Sena Jurinac, Arias and operas' duets

Beethoven, Bizet, Kienzl, Puccini, Smetana, Verdi, Wagner, Weber - (Das Südwetsfunk-Orchester Baden-Baden - Cond. : Otto Ackermann - Recorded 17 to 19 April 1952)

Date : August, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129050313

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Composer : Bizet, Puccini, Smetana, Wagner
Artist : Anders

In Memoriam Jacques Thibaud

Tah 499/500 - In Memoriam Jacques Thibaud

Beethoven, Mozart, Lalo, Franck (1949/1952)

Press review
« L'apport essentiel de cet album est le concerto de Beethoven dont le discours est aussi ardent qu'émouvant si bien que l'on reste suspendu à cet archet qui a tant à dire comme aux lèvres d'un conteur. Thibaud laisse aller son imagination comme bon lui semble. Ce mélange unique de désinvolture, de langueur et de spontanéité est la véritable signature d'un artiste à nul autre pareil. » (Diapason)
« Malgré un vibrato et une intonation nullement impeccables, Thibaud impressionne par sa liberté de phrasé et son pouvoir de séduction. » (Monde de la Musique)

Date : June, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129049911

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Composer : Beethoven, Lalo, Mozart
Artist : Thibaud

The art of Hermann Abendroth, Vol. I

Tah 495/496 - The art of Hermann Abendroth, Vol. I

CD 1: J.S. Bach : Suite No. 3 in D, Aria (RSO Berlin) - Beethoven: Symphonies No. 1 and 4 (RSO Leipzig)
CD 2: Beethoven : Leonore III Overture (RSO Leipzig) - Wagner : Walkyrie, Adieux de Wotan (Budapest Opera Orchestra - soloiste : Sandor Sved) - Reger : Suite Op. 128, 4 poemes of Böcklin - Bruckner : Symphony No. 4, rehearses (RSO Leipzig)

Date : June, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129049515

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Composer : Bach, Beethoven, Wagner
Artist : Abendroth

Kirill Kondrashin in Amsterdam

Tah 501/502 - Kirill Kondrashin in Amsterdam

CD 1 - Schubert: Rosamunde (extracs), Berlioz: Romeo and Juliet, 3 extracs (Live 20.XI.1980 and 14.XI.1974)
CD 2 - Franck: Symphony in d minor (Live 27.XI.1977) - Sibelius: Symphony No. 2, Op. 43 (Live 1.III.1979)

Press review
« Ces enregistrements sont du plus haut intérêt...Dans la symphonie de Sibelius, le final est un morceau d'anthologie, à découvrir de toute urgence. » (Classica)
« Ces documents inédits confirment la relation privilégiée tissée par Kondrachine avec le Concertgebouw d'Amsterdam. Sa direction génère une science fascinante des équilibres qui exalte les timbres et les couleurs mais ne bride en rien la spontanéité de l'inspiration. Kondrachine est un chef extraordinairement évocateur, à la virtuosité jamais gratuite qui n'est pas sans évoquer une sorte de tectonique des plaques. » (Diapason)
« La deuxième symphonie de Sibelius émerveille par ses articulations à la fois raffinées et abruptes, ses phrasés personnels, l'intensité expressive de ses élans mais c'est dans la symphonie de Franck que Kondrachine semble encore plus inspiré, imposant une tension magnifique et préservant une progression dramatique aussi souple qu'imaginative. » (Monde de la musique)
« Concerts exceptionnels. » (Radio Classique)

Date : April, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129050115

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Composer : Berlioz, Franck, Schubert, Sibelius
Artist : Kondrashin

HERMANN SCHERCHEN: mostly unissued

Tah 729/730 - HERMANN SCHERCHEN: mostly unissued


CD 1
SCHUBERT: Rondo for violin and Orchestra D 438
Lore Spoerri & Radioorchester Beromünster (12.I.1945) - RAVEL: Ma mère l’Oye - RIAS-Sinfonieorchester (31.I.1949) - SCHOENBERG: A Survivor from Warsaw, op. 46 - Hans Olaf Hudemann & Orchester des Landestheaters Darmstadt (20.8.1950) - HAENDEL: Water Music - Orchestra di Roma della RAI (5.I.1957)
CD 2
BEETHOVEN: Der Glorreiche Augenblick op. 136 (text by Hermann Scherchen) - Fischer-Dieskau, Rialland, Lippmann, Hellmann & Orchestre Radio-Symphonique (4.5.1956) - MOZART: Don Giovanni (excerpt) - Danco, Schech, Köth, Traxel, Berry & SO des Bayerischen Rundfunks (6-12.X.1957) - DEBUSSY: Jeux - Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie Herford (1.II.1960) - BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 2, scherzo - Toronto SO (14.XII.1965)

This year is of Hermann Scherchen’s 120th anniversary and for that occasion we are releasing this album that includes only previously unissued recordings (1945 to 1965).
Scherchen (1891-1966) is an atypical case and certainly a unique case in the history of conducting because his activity was diversified and varied: in the first place he was a conductor of course, but also a composer, a pedagogue, a writer (he wrote three books the first of which, das Lehrbuch des Dirigierens was published in 1929 and is still a handbook of conducting used today), an editor (Ars Viva), a philosopher, consultant in acoustics and a pioneer of the radio. He travelled all over the world following his leitmotiv: “alles richtig machen, alles hörbar machen” (do everything right, make everything audible). This set will try to highlight the importance of this man whom Xenakis defined “an active visionary”, “a star of first-class dimension” in the twentieth century.

Date : N/A - Barre code : 3504129072919

Carl Schuricht in Paris

Tah 678/679 - Carl Schuricht in Paris


CD I: Ein deutsches Requiem, op. 45 - soloists: Elfriede Trötschel, Heinz Rehfuss - Orchestre National de France recorded at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées of Paris on 10.II.1955
CD II: L. van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3, op. 37 in C minor - Soloist: Claudio Arrau - J. Brahms: Symphony No. 4, op. 98 in E minor - Orchestre National de France recorded at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées of Paris on 24.III.1959

Carl Schuricht conducted 80 concerts in France between 1949 and 1965 (54 of which in Paris). The programs highlight two particularities: an overdose of German composers, notably Beethoven and Brahms, and a total absence of French composers. The present concerts issued for the first time were recorded at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées of Paris in February 1955 (Brahms Requiem) and in March 1959 (Beethoven with the Chilean pianist Claudio Arrau as soloist).
Schuricht’s activity in France wouldn’t be complete without mentioning his famous recordings of the Nine Beethoven Symphonies made between May 1956 and September 1958 for EMI with the Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire.

Date : N/A - Barre code : 3504129067816

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Hermann Scherchen: An Imaginary Concert

Tah 651 - Hermann Scherchen: An Imaginary Concert

B. Smetana: Ma Vlast, The Moldau (Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera - May 1957) - M. Ravel: Concerto for the left hand in D major (Kölner RSO - soloist: Robert Casadesus - 11.III.1957) - P. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4 op. 36 in F minor (Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera - July 1951)

We have put together a concert that Scherchen might have conducted, beginning with a symphonic poem, then a concerto and, finally, a symphony. To begin the concert we have chosen a famous work that Scherchen rarely played (the Moldau), followed by Ravel’s concerto for the left hand from a previously unissued performance in Cologne with Robert Casadesus as soloist, and finally the Tchaikovsky Fourth recorded in Vienna in 1951, subsequently reissued on CD, but at an incorrect pitch that we have now corrected.
The music review Disques (No. 54) published the following review of this recording of the fourth symphony: “The orchestra and the conductor give of their very best. Scherchen asked the musicians above all for colour and nothing but colour and the orchestra responded in spades. The brass played with complete freedom and to their heart’s content. The famous Viennese strings sparkled and shone whichever way they turned. A superb recording...”

Date : N/A - Barre code : 3504129065119

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Composer : Ravel, Smetana, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Casadesus, Scherchen

G. Enescu : Tribute concert to Dinu Lipatti

Tah 426 - G. Enescu : Tribute concert to Dinu Lipatti

Press review
« On reste admiratif devant la simplicité et l'intensité de la direction d'Enesco qui restitue les senteurs fruitées du folklore imaginaire du compositeur. » (Répertoire)

Date : N/A

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Composer : Bartok, Enesco, Lipatti
Artist : Enesco