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Furtwängler conducts Schubert

Furt 2006 - Furtwängler conducts Schubert


Schubert: Rosamunde, Interlude No. 3 in B flat major (Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - 3.VI.1944) - Symphony No. 8 (9), the Great, D 944 (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - 6/8.XII.1942) - Wilhelm Furtwängler conducting

During the war, the sound engineer of the Radio of the Reich (RRG) Friedrich Schnapp recorded Furtwängler’s concerts in Berlin (and some in Vienna). After the victory over Germany in May 1945, the Russians took back to Moscow the great majority of sound archives of the German Radio and returned them to Germany only on 11 March 1991 (1462 tapes), at the time of Gorbatchev’s perestroika. The present Ninth Schubert Symphony that was recorded during a concert of the Berlin Philharmonic on 6 or 8 December 1942 is part of these tapes. As for the excerpt from Rosamunde, it is part of a recording also made by Schnapp with the Vienna Philharmonic on 3 June 1944 (it was a so-called Magnetofonkonzert).

Date : March, 2009 - Barre code : 3504129200619

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Composer : Schubert
Artist : Furtwängler

Carl Schuricht in Hamburg

Tah 664 - Carl Schuricht in Hamburg


Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7, in A major - Recorded at the Musikhalle on 15.IV.1957 - Johannes Brahms: Symphony No. 4, in E minor - Recorded at the Musikhalle on 07.VIII.1958 - NDWR Sinfonieorchester, Carl Schuricht conducting

The relationship between Schuricht and the Hamburg NDR orchestra and its steady conductor Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt was always marked by great friendship and mutual respect; the highlight of this collaboration was the performance of the Missa Solemnis at the Montreux Festival in September 1957. Schuricht was invited ten times to Hamburg, particularly in 1957 and 1958, when he performed the Beethoven Seventh (one of his preferred and best works) and the Brahms Fourth. These recordings are released for the first time.

Date : February, 2009 - Barre code : 3504129066413

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Composer : Beethoven, Brahms
Artist : Schuricht

Brahms by Furtwängler

Furt 2005 - Brahms by Furtwängler


Johannes Brahms: Variations on a theme by Haydn, op. 56 - Public recording made at Théâtre National de l'Opéra in Paris on 4.V.1954
Symphony No. 1, op. 68 - Public recording made at Titania Palast in Berlin on 10.II.1952
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - Conductor: Wilhelm Furtwängler

Contrary to Beethoven and Bruckner, Furtwängler started only very slowly to conduct Brahms. Furtwängler Brahms as the successor of the ancient German and Dutch Masters and to him, the Brahms Symphonies depict a savage fantastic and almost demoniac world. Furtwängler considers Brahms as the image of the « classical » German, representing most strikingly German art with all its asperities and its sweetness, its external reserve and its interior abandon, its vehemence and its discipline. This version (remastered), comes from a Live concert in Berlin in February 1952, and with that of Hamburg of 1951 remains the most beautiful testimony of this great German conductor

Note : New mastering of the Variations on a theme by Haydn (Furt 1023) - The Brahms First is released for the first time by Tahra

Substitute : Furt 1023

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Composer : Brahms
Artist : Furtwängler

Pierre Monteux in Paris

Tah 665 - Pierre Monteux in Paris


François Couperin: La Sultane, introduction and allegro
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 9, op. 125 in D minor
Orchestre National de la R.T.F. - Solistes : Maria Stader (soprano) - Hélène Bouvier (mezzo-soprano) - Libero de Luca (ténor) - Josef Greindl (basse) - Choeur de la Radiodiffusion Française, direction René Alix
Enregistrement public réalisé au Théâtre des Champs-Elysées le 6.XI.1958

The Beethoven Ninth was a special favorite of Monteux’s. During his 17 years in San Francisco, he almost always concluded every season with it and he chose to conduct it on his 85th birthday concert with the Boston Symphony in 1960. Monteux’s interpretation is very faithful to the score, and there is nothing philosophical about it. In 1963 he recorded the Ninth with the London Symphony for the American Label Westminster. The present recording comes from Pierre Monteux’s last concert in Paris on 6 November 1958. The liner notes include a short overview of the tradition of this Ninth Symphony in Leipzig and in Japan.

Date : January, 2009 - Barre code : 3504129066512

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Composer : Couperin, Beethoven
Artist : Monteux

Furtwängler & Beethoven

Furt 2002/2004 - Furtwängler & Beethoven

CD I : Symphony No. 3, Eroica, op. 55, in E flat major - Titania Palast, 8.XII.1952
CD II : Symphony No. 5, op. 67 in C minor & Symphony No. 6, Pastorale, op. 68 in F major - Titania Palast, 25.V.1947
CD III : Symphony No. 7, op. 92 in A major
Symphony No. 8, op. 93 in F majoer - Titania Palast, 14.IV.1953
Wilhelm Furtwängler conducts the Berliner Philharmoniker

After the Ninth Symphony recorded at the Lucerne Festival on 21 August 1954 (SACD Furt 2001), this new Tahra release features a mini Beethoven cycle under Furtwängler (NEWLY REMASTERED) of symphonies 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8, all in live performances recorded between 1947 and 1953 at the Titania Palast in Berlin with the Berliner Philharmonic.
The concert of 1947 is interesting in so far as it is Furtwängler’s comeback to Berlin and to his former orchestra.

Date : October, 2008 - Barre code : 3504129200213

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Composer : Beethoven
Artist : Furtwängler

Edith Farnadi & Hermann Scherchen

West 3007-3008 - Edith Farnadi & Hermann Scherchen

CD I: F. LISZT: Piano Concerto No. 1, in E flat major - Piano Concerto No. 2, in A major - B. BARTOK : Piano Concerto No. 2 (1930)
CD II : B. BARTOK : Piano Concerto No. 3 (1945) - S. RACHMANINOV : Piano Concerto No. 2, op. 18 in C minor /
Vienna State Opera Orchestra -
Conductor: Hermann Scherchen & Piano: Edith Farnadi
Recordings made in July 1953 (Bartok) and in October 1952 (Rachmaninov). The recording dates of the Liszt concertos are unknown but might be October 1951.

Date : April, 2008 - Barre code : 3504129300715

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Composer : Bach, Liszt, Rachmaninov
Artist : Farnadi, Scherchen

Great performers: Dietrich FIscher-Dieskau

Tah 646 - Great performers: Dietrich FIscher-Dieskau

G. Mahler: Kindertotenlieder (NWDR Sinfonieorchester, Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt conducting, recorded 6.VI.1955) - Lieder eins fahrenden Gesellen (Kölner RSO, Otto Ackermann conducting, recorded 9.VI.1954) - Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Orchestre National de France, Carl Schuricht conducting, recorded at the Besançon Festival on 9.IX.1957)

Dietrich Fiecher-Dieskau, the century’s barytone, performed throughout his career some three thousand lieder (and read the music of some two thousand more): mainly Schubert but also Brahms, Mendelssohn, Wolf, R. Strauss… and Gustav Mahler.
The recordings resented in this CD are released for the first time: the Kindertotenlieder with Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt in Hamburg, two versions of the Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen, with Otto Ackermann in Cologne and Carl Schuricht at the Besançon Festival.

Date : March, 2008 - Barre code : 3504129064617

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Composer :
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Great performers: Wilhelm Kempff

Tah 649 - Great performers: Wilhelm Kempff

L. van BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Orchestre National de France – Carl Schuricht conducting - Recorded 14.IX.1955) - L. van BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 3 (Orchestre National de France – Karl Münchinger conducting -
recorded 26.IX.1957)

Some critics saw in Kempff’s performances only mannerism whereas others highlighted his magnificent sense of balance and the fullness of his sound. Kempff never was a virtuoso of the keyboard but a musician and a philosopher: «Making music has always been for me a kind of thirst and of hunger. It is my second nature. The music that I love is my heart». With its refinements, Kempff’s message is entirely made of joy and light.
The two present recordings are released for the first time.

Date : March, 2008 - Barre code : 3504129064914

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Composer : Beethoven
Artist : Kempff, Münchinger, Schuricht

Quartetto Italiano

Tah 647/648 - Quartetto Italiano

CD I: J. HAYDN: Quartet op. 76 No. 4, « Sonnenaufgang » - Quartet op. 3 No. 5, « Serenaden-Quartett » - Quartet op. 76 No. 2, « Quinten-Quartett »
CD II: L. BOCCHERINI: Quartet op. 39 No. 3 - L. van BEETHOVEN: Quartet No. 10, op. 74, « Harfen-Quartett »

Founded in 1945, the Quartetto Italiano gave more than 3000 concerts all over the world. For all but four of its thirty five years the quartet remained unchanged: Paolo Borciani, Elisa Pegreffi, Piero Farulli and Franco Rossi. And unlike so many other quartets, the members of the Quartetto Italiano didn’t play on great Stradivarius, Guarnierius or Amati instruments, but on less venerable and less famous instruments. In other words, the musician was more important for the beauty of sound than his or her instrument.

Date : February, 2008 - Barre code : 3504129064716

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Composer : Boccherini, Beethoven, Haydn
Artist :

The great performers: Otto Klemperer

Tah 636/637 - The great performers: Otto Klemperer

CD I: L. van BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 4 (soloist: Leon Fleischer – Kölner RSO - 27.II.1956) - Symphony No. 6 (RIAS Berlin - 15.II.1954)
CD II: L. van BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 8
(Kölner RSO - 28.V.1955) - J. BRAHMS: Symphony No. 1 (Kölner RSO - 17.X.1955)

Like Furtwängler, Klemperer was a representative of the great German humanist romantic tradition and through his art he gave voice to a vision of the world, although his own search for truth lay in faithful respect for the musical score. But, as with Knappertsbusch, he was fascinated by vast monumental structures. Klemperer was the perfect opposite of Bruno Walter. Even though both were converted Jews and disciples of Mahler, where Walter reassures, Klemperer disturbs with his radicalism and his provocative lucidity. Karajan said one day that he wished to make Schoenberg sound like Mozart. One could say that throughout his life, Klemperer tried to make Mozart sound like Schoenberg...

Date : February, 2008 - Barre code : 3504129063610

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Composer : Beethoven, Brahms
Artist : Fleischer, Klemperer