Composer : Schumann

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ReminderClara Haskil and Dinu Lipatti

Tah 747 - Clara Haskil and Dinu Lipatti


[1] BACH : Toccata BWV 914 in B minor
[2] SCARLATTI : Sonata in C Major
[3] SCARLATTI : Sonata in B flat major
[4-5] BEETHOVEN : Sonata No. 32 opus 111 in C minor
[6] SCHUMANN: Abegg Variations (excerpts)
[7] SCHUMANN: Bunte Blätter op. 99 (excerpts)
[8] DEBUSSY: Etude pour les sonorités opposées
Excerpts from Clara Haskil's recital at the Castle of Ludwigsburg on 11.IV.1953
Eine Aufnahme des Südwestfunks Stuttgart
[9-11] BARTOK: Piano Concerto No. 3
Dinu Lipatti and the Südwestfunk-Sinfonieorchester conducted by Paul Sacher
Historical recording of 30.V.1948 (Archive of the SWR Media)
(new mastering) - SACD

« These two Romanians that 22 years separated, have been shooting stars in the musical sky of the 20th Century » wrote Jérôme Spycket, the biographer of Clara Haskil’s to whom this album is dedicated. The highlight of this disc is the Bartok Concerto broadcast in 1948 in Baden-Baden and which is a “historical recording”.

Date : September, 2012 - Barre code : 3504129074715

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Composer : Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Debussy, Scarlatti, Schumann
Artist : Lipatti, Haskil

ReminderClara Haskil and Rafael Kubelik

Tah 736 - Clara Haskil and Rafael Kubelik


ROBERT SCHUMANN: Piano Concerto in A minor -
Danish Radio Orchestra - 17.II.1955 -
Previously Unissued Recording
FREDERIC CHOPIN : Piano Concerto No. 2 en F minor - Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire - Live Recording - 31.I.1960

The contract which bound Clara Haskil to Philips prevented her from recording with some of her preferred conductors, i.e. Rafael Kubelik among others. By chance, this gap in her discography has been partially filled thanks to live recordings of public concerts. The magnificent Schumann concerto is a special bonus. It was broadcasted in February 1955 in Copenhagen, and is issued here for the first time. The perfect understanding between these two artists comes here fully to light.

Date : February, 2012 - Barre code : 3504129073619

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Composer : Chopin, Schumann
Artist : Haskil, Kubelik

ReminderEduard van Beinum & Concertgebouw Orkest

Tah 672 - Eduard van Beinum & Concertgebouw Orkest

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano concerto No. 5, The Emperor concerto, op. 73 - recorded Live on 15.X.1952
Robert Schumann: Piano concerto in A minor, op. 64 - recorded Live on 15.XI.1956
Soloist: Myra Hess - Conductor: Eduard van Beinum
Previously unissued recordings
The booklet includes van Beinum’s complete discography.

This set is the third one dedicated to the Dutch Maestro Eduard van Beinum, successor of the legendary Mengelberg as director of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orkest, who died fifty years ago on 13 April 1959, at the age of 59.
This CD includes two previously unissued archives: the Beethoven Emperor Concerto and the Schumann piano concerto with the British Myra Hess as soloist. These works are absent from the official van Beinum discography, so their interest is obvious.

Date : June, 2009 - Barre code : 3504129067212

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Composer : Beethoven, Schumann
Artist : Hess, Beinum

ReminderPreviously unissued recordings by Youra Guller II

Tah 650 - Previously unissued recordings by Youra Guller II

Robert Schumann: Symphonic Studies, op. 13 - Recorded on 06.IV.1962
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4, op. 58 - Orchestre de la Suisse Romande - Conductor: Ernest Ansermet - Recorded on 15.I.1958
Isaac Albeniz: Triana (Iberia) - Recorded on 07.IV.1961
Previously unissued recordings of the Radio Suisse Romande

After a first CD that was rapidly sold out, we pursue our release of previously unissued recordings of the Radio Suisse Romande with Youra Guller. The programme includes works by Schumann (Symphonic Studies), Beethoven (4th Piano concerto) and Albeniz (Triana), that she never recorded officially. The booklet contains a phonography of the artist listing LPs and radio recordings.

Date : December, 2008 - Barre code : 3504129065010

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Composer : Albeniz, Beethoven, Schumann
Artist : Ansermet, Guller

ReminderFranch Women Pianists

Tah 653-654 - Franch Women Pianists

CD I: Chopin: Waltzes op. 64 Nos. 1 & 2 – Godard: 4th Mazurka –Mendelssohn: Fantaisie Caprice op. 16 No. 2 – Rondo capriccioso – Romance sans paroles (la fileuse) – Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody Nos. 11 and 13 (Aimée Marie Roger-Miclos, Fonotipia recordings, around 1905) - Chopin: Mazurka op. 17 No. 4 – Nocturne posthume – Mozart: Pastorale variée – Albéniz: Granada (Marie Panthès, Columbia recordings 1934-36 and un interview issued by courtesy of Radio Suisse Allemande) - Mazurkas op. 56/2 – op. 6/2 – op. 7/3 – op. 63/2 – op. 67/7 – op. 17/4 – op. 33/2 – op. 30/3 – op. 68/4 – op. 41/3 – op. 50/3 (Youra Guller, recorded in June 1956) - CD II: Duphly: La de Valmalète – Scarlatti: Sonatas L 465, L23, L391 – Couperin: Le carillon de Cythère – La fleurie – Le réveil matin – Les barricades mystérieuses – Le tictoc choc – Les petits moulins à vent (Madeleine de Valmalète, recording date unknown) - Bach: Chaconne of the second partita for violin – Liszt: Mephisto Waltz No. 1 – Rapsodie espagnole – Schumann: Phantasiestücke op. 12/1 and op. 12/3 (Agnelle Bundervoët, recordings of 1954, 1955 and 1957).

After Marcelle Meyer, Monique Haas and Youra Guller, we are continuing our (re)discovery of French women pianists. Thus we are going to give a sort of second life to three great pianists of the past : Aimée Marie Roger-Miclos, Marie Panthès and Angnelle Bundervoët. We are also releasing herewith a number of very rare recordings by the Marquise Madeleine de Valmalète. As for Youra Guller, she stands here as interpreter of eleven Mazurkas by Chopin.

Date : May, 2008 - Barre code : 3504129065317

Great Performers: Pierre Fournier

Tah 645 - Great Performers: Pierre Fournier

R. Schumann: Cello concerto, op. 129 (Sinfonieorchester des Südwetsfunks, Hans Rosbaud conducting - Recorded 14.IV.1957) - A. Dvorak: Cello concerto, op. 104 (NWDR Sinfonieorchester, Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt conducting - Recorded 14.V.1956)

The Dvorak and Schumann concertos (the present recordings are issued here for the first time) were among the highlights throught Pierre Fournier’s career. Pierre Fournier treated this concerto that he adored (and which gave it back to him) as a sinfonia concertante for orchestra and cello. There exist no less than eighteen Live recordings of it in different radio archives.

Date : January, 2008 - Barre code : 3504129064518

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Composer : Dvorak, Schumann
Artist : Fournier, Rosbaud, Schmidt-Isserstedt

Arturo Benedetti-Michelangeli

Tah 631 - Arturo Benedetti-Michelangeli

Schumann: Piano Concerto in A minor - Orchestra della Radiotelevisione della Svizzera Italiana, cond. Hermann Scherchen - Live recording made in Lugano on 21.VI.1956 - Liszt: Piano Concerto No. 1 - Orchestra del Maggio Musicale di Firenze, cond. Dimitri Mitropoulos - Live recording of 17.VI.1953 - Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 4 - Orchestra di Roma della RAI, cond. Franco Caracciolo -
Previously unissued recording of 12.V.1956

[10] CHOPIN : Valse, op. postume n° 4 (bis)

Besides the Schumann concerto with Scherchen and the Liszt concerto with Mitropoulos, the present CD includes Benedetti-Michelangeli in a previously unissued recording of the Rachmaninov Fourth Concerto under the Italian conductor Caracciolo. The liner notes were written by Professor Clémenty, a cardiologist who operated on Arturo Benedetti-Michelangeli following his heart attack during a recital he gave in Bordeaux on 17.X.1988. They soon became friends, and Professor Clémenty draws here a sometimes intimate portrait of the famous pianist.

Date : April, 2007 - Barre code : 3504129063115

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Composer : Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Schumann
Artist : Benedetti-Michelangeli

French Pianistes (#1): Nat, Lazare-Lévy, Meyer

Tah 591 - French Pianistes (#1): Nat, Lazare-Lévy, Meyer

Chopin: Sonata No. 2 (Yves Nat, Paris 1953), Schumann: Fantasiestücke, Debussy: Masques, Lazare-Lévy : Prelude No. 1 (Lazare-Lévy, 1955), Chabrier: 9 pieces for piano (Meyer, 1955)

This CD is the first of a series dedicated to some great pianists of the Twentieth century, and included two previously unissued recordings: the Chopin Second Piano sonata by Yves Nat, from the famous recital that he gave in 1953 at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris, and Chabrier's nine Pièces pour Piano, by Marcelle Meyer, recorded by the Italian Radio in Rome in 1955. The Fantasiestücke by Schumann come from the broadcast of a public recital that Lazare-Lévy gave in Warsaw in February 1955 and existed for a long time only on a very rare Polish "Muza" LP. We have included as a bonus both sides of a very rare 78 Gramophone rpm of 1929, with Lazare-Lévy playing Debussy and a prelude that he composed himself.

Date : May, 2006 - Barre code : 3504129059118

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Composer : Chopin, Debussy, Schumann
Artist : Lazare-Lévy, Meyer, Nat

Furtwängler « revisited » : Tchaikovsky, Bruckner, Schumann

Furt 1099/1100 - Furtwängler « revisited » : Tchaikovsky, Bruckner, Schumann

CD 1: Piotr Tchaikovsky: Symphony no. 6, « Pathétique » (Berliner Philharmoniker - His Master's Voice recording, 25-27.X.1938) - Anton Bruckner: Symphony no. 7, Adagio (berliner Philharmoniker - enregistrement Telefunken, 1.IV.1942)
CD 2: Piotr Tchaikovsky : Symphony no. 4 (Wiener Philharmoniker - His Master's Voice recording, 4-16.I.1951) - Robert Schumann : Symphony no. 4 (Berliner Philharmoniker - Deutsche Grammophon recording, 14.V.1953)

Most of these recordings were reissued in the past in a rather average sound doing no justice to the typical "Furtwängler sound". Since they also were very difficult to find, we thought that it was a good idea to make them available again to music lovers and collectors. Extensive restoration was undertaken in order to respect the fullness and richness of the Furtwängler orchestral sound, without affecting either the basses or the high pitches and above all the harmonics: in a way we deem having been able to restore the famous dynamics of Furtwängler, mainly in his Schumann Fourth which remains undoubtedly one of the most famous recordings of the Twentieth century (which of course didn't prevent an anti-Furtwänglerian to speak of his "rural style"!)

Date : April, 2005 - Barre code : 3504129109912

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Composer : Bruckner, Schumann, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Furtwängler

Lazare-Lévy and his pupils Clara Haskil, Solomon, Monique Haas

Tah 556/558 - Lazare-Lévy and his pupils Clara Haskil, Solomon, Monique Haas

CD 1 : Lazare-Lévy plays works by Couperin, Mozart (Sonatas K 320 and 331), Beethoven, Chopin (4 Mazurkas), Chabrier and Debussy (1950-1955)

CD 2: Lazare-Lévy plays works by Schumann (Kreisleriana), Dukas et Chopin (Enregistrements 1931-1951
- Clara Haskil plays Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 9 (Kölner Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester, Otto Ackermann, 1954)
- Solomon plays works by Debussy, Couperin, Scarlatti, Déodat de Sévérac and Daquin (1946-1948)

CD 3: Solomon plays Brahms' Concerto No. 1 (Berliner Philharmoniker, Eugen Jochum, 1954)
- Monique Haas plays Bartok's Concerto No.3 (Sinfonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Eugen Jochum, 1951)

Alongside Alfred Cortot and Marguerite Long, Lazare-Lévy was a renowned pedagogue of the first half of the twentieth century. But since he didn't make a recording career, his name is somewhat forgotten by the musical world today. For the 40th anniversary of his death and with the support of his family, we have decided to release the present tribute including a number of previously unissued radio recordings. On the same occasion we decided to include in this set three of his most famous pupils (Monique Haas, Clara Haskil et Solomon) illustrating thus the so-called "Ecole Lazare-Lévy".

Note : May be partly downloaded on i-tunes

Date : November, 2004 - Barre code : 3504129055615

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Composer : Brahms, Mozart, Schumann
Artist : Haas, Haskil, Lazare-Lévy, Solomon