Composer : Tchaikovsky

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Latest releasePreviously unissued recordings by Karel Ancerl

Tah 755/756 - Previously unissued recordings by Karel Ancerl


CD 1 - DVORAK: Stabat Mater, op. 58 (beginning) - CD 2 DVORAK: Stabat Mater, op. 58 (end) - Maria Stader, Vera Soukupova, Ivo Zidek, Eduard Haken
TCHAÏKOVSKI: Violin Concerto in D major, op. 35 - Soloist: Nathan Milstein
Orchestra of the Prague Czech Philharmonic – Czech Singers’ Chorus /Kühn
Recorded Live at the Montreux Festival on 5 September (Tchaïkovski) and 13 September 1962 (Dvorak)

During Summer 1962, the Czech Philharmonic of Prague and its conductor Karel Ancerl took part in the Montreux Festival and gave several concerts which, luckily, were recorded by Radio Suisse Romande (RSR).
Thus we can discover these two previously unissued recordings that are of great artistic value: Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto with Nathan Milstein and above all, Dvorak’s magnificent Stabat Mater that Ancerl couldn't record with his official label Supraphon that already had recorded it with Vačlav Talich.

Date : October, 2013 - Barre code : 3504129075514

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Composer : Dvorak, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Haken, Soukupova, Stader, Zidek

Latest releaseThe Art of Charles Munch

Tah 735 - The Art of Charles Munch


JOHANNES BRAHMS: Variations on a theme ny Haydn, op. 56
P.I. TCHAIKOVSKI: Symphony No. 6, Pathétique, op. 74
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Recorded Live in Boston on 29.IX.1961

Charles Munch conducted 1477 concerts with the Boston Symphony Orchestra between 18 November 1947 and 25 January 1968. Although his basic repertoire included composers such as Berlioz, Debussy, Ravel and Roussel, he didn’t shun German music, particularly Brahms and Tchaikovsky’s symphonies. The present CD includes a concert given in Boston on 29 September 1961 (previously unissued).

Note : Not for sale in the USA

Date : April, 2013 - Barre code : 3504129073510

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Composer : Brahms, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Munch




CD 1
MOZART: Concerto for flute and harp KV 299
Hans Schmitz, flute; Irmgard Helmis, harp & RIAS Sinfonieorchester (17.IX.1952)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto, op. 35
Yehudi Menuhin & Luzerner Festspielorchester (16.VIII.1961)
CD 2
BRAHMS: Symphony No. 1, op. 68 - NDR Sinfonieorchester (2/3.II.1958)
BRAHMS: Variations on a theme by Haydn, op. 56a - RIAS Sinfonieorchester (7.IV.1953)

Deutsche Grammophon made between 1949 and 1961 180 recordings with the Hungarian conductor Ferenc Fricsay, mainly with the Berlin RIAS Orchestra. The four live recordings of the present set are first-time issues and have been recorded in Berlin, Lucerne, Hamburg et Cologne. The most interesting document is the Brahms First symphony with the NDR Orchestra of Hamburg which recalls the famous concert conducted by Furtwängler in October 1951 (with the same « crazy timpanist » !).

Date : January, 2012 - Barre code : 3504129073213

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Composer : Brahms, Mozart, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Helmis, Schmitz, Fricsay, Menuhin

Previously unissued recordings of Paul van Kempen

Tah 714/715 - Previously unissued recordings of Paul van Kempen


CD I: J. Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2, in B flat major- Orchestre National de France, Wilhelm Kempff (piano) - Public recording of the Besançon Festival on 1.IX.1955 - P. Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet, overture-fantasy - Concertgebouworkest (17 & 18.VII.1951)
CD II: G. Mahler: Symphony Bo. 1, Titan, in D major - Orchestra di Torino della RAI - Public recording made on 20.V.1955

In his native country, the Netherlands, Paul van Kempen is mainly remembered for the « van Kempen affair », a demonstration against his alleged compromising role during WW II. His discography was determined by the record companies: so, the fledging Philips label was producing a catalogue of standard works. If the DGG recording of Beethoven’s Piano Concertos with Wilhelm Kempff and the Berlin Philharmonic is famous, there are significant gaps in his discography when it comes to Mahler and Brahms. That’s why the performance of Mahler’s First Symphony with the RAI Orchestra of Turin is a welcome addition and a unique document, as well as the Second Brahms Piano Concerto with Kempff, in a compelling performance.

Note : Booklet by the historian Niek Nelissen, who also wrote a biography dedicated to the Dutch conductor Willem van Otterloo.

Date : October, 2010 - Barre code : 3504129071417

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Composer : Bruckner, Mahler, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Kempff, Kempen

ReminderPreviously unissued recordings by Hermann Abendroth

Tah 693 - Previously unissued recordings by Hermann Abendroth


L. van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4, op. 58 en G major (Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Leipzig, piano: Branka Musulin) Studio recording made on 27.III.1950
P. Tchaikovski: Piano Concerto No. 1, op. 23 in B flat (Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Leipzig, piano: Günter Kootz) Studio recording made on 18.IX.1950

Some ten years ago, Hermann Abendroth (“The other Furtwängler”) was a fashionable conductor but fashions change. An extensive edition by Tokuma was released in Japan but a great number of unissued recordings remain dormant in many radio archives. Tahra has exhumed two interesting documents: the Beethoven 4th concerto with the excellent Croatian pianist Branka Musulin (pupil of Cortot), and the Tchaikovsky first piano concerto. It is the first time that we discover Abendroth in this famous work.
More than ever Abendroth (1883-1956) remains a “Grand Seigneur”.

Date : July, 2010 - Barre code : 3504129069315

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Composer : Beethoven, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Kootz, Musulin, Abendroth

ReminderHans Schmidt-Isserstedt\'s Telefunken Recordings

Tah 698/700 - Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt\'s Telefunken Recordings


CD I: Haydn - Symphony No. 92, Oxford (
Sydney Symphony Orchestra - Live 1953) Dvorak: Symphony No. 9, New World - CD II - Tchaikovski: Symphony No. 6, Pathétique - Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - Rimski-Korsakov: The Flight of the Bumble Bee (Tsar Saltan) - CD III - Schubert: Symphony No. 8 (9), The Great (NWDR-Sinfonieorchester
Recordings 1953-1959)

After the war (between 1952 and 1973), Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt made with his orchestra of Radio Hamburg over 45 recordings for eight different recording companies (Decca, Electrola, DGG, among others), that have been reissued on CD. On the other hand, and curiously enough, his Telefunken recordings (1953-1959) have never been reissued on CD. We are now doing this with the present set. It is a rediscovery to which we have added a very rare live recording that Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt recorded on tour in Australia in 1956, with the Sydney symphonic Orchestra (Haydn’s Oxford Symphony). The original recordings have undergone careful restoration and remain an example of Telefunken’s excellent recording technique.

Note : Diapason d'Or

Date : April, 2010 - Barre code : 3504129069810

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Composer : Dvorak, Haydn, Liszt, Rimsky-Korsakov, Schubert, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Schmidt-Isserstedt

In Memoriam Hermann Abendroth (1883-1956)

Tah 604/605 - In Memoriam Hermann Abendroth (1883-1956)

Bruckner: Symphony No. 7 (Sinfonie-Orchester des Berliner Rundfunks - Live recording at the Metropol Theater in Berlin, on 19.II.1956) - Tchaikowsky : Suite No. 3 (Theme and Variations) (Sinfonie-Orchester des Leipziger Rundfunks - Studio recording made on 20.III.1951) - Tchaikowsky: Symphony No. 6, Pathétique (Sinfonie-Orchester des Berliner Rundfunks - Live recording made on 28.XI.1950) - Previously unissued recordings
50 years ago the great German conductor Hermann Abendroth that the Germans often call the « other Furtwängler » passed away. To celebrate this anniversary we are releasing three previously unissued recordings stemming from the archives of East German ex-Radio: a magnificent Bruckner 7th and two works by Tchaikowsky (an excerpt of the 3rd suite and excellent performance of the Pathétique where the 3rd movement is a true concerto for timpani and orchestra!). It depicts the main characteristics of Abendroth’s art of conducting with all the «pleasures of excess».

Date : November, 2006 - Barre code : 3504129060411

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Composer : Bruckner, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Abendroth

Furtwängler « revisited » : Tchaikovsky, Bruckner, Schumann

Furt 1099/1100 - Furtwängler « revisited » : Tchaikovsky, Bruckner, Schumann

CD 1: Piotr Tchaikovsky: Symphony no. 6, « Pathétique » (Berliner Philharmoniker - His Master's Voice recording, 25-27.X.1938) - Anton Bruckner: Symphony no. 7, Adagio (berliner Philharmoniker - enregistrement Telefunken, 1.IV.1942)
CD 2: Piotr Tchaikovsky : Symphony no. 4 (Wiener Philharmoniker - His Master's Voice recording, 4-16.I.1951) - Robert Schumann : Symphony no. 4 (Berliner Philharmoniker - Deutsche Grammophon recording, 14.V.1953)

Most of these recordings were reissued in the past in a rather average sound doing no justice to the typical "Furtwängler sound". Since they also were very difficult to find, we thought that it was a good idea to make them available again to music lovers and collectors. Extensive restoration was undertaken in order to respect the fullness and richness of the Furtwängler orchestral sound, without affecting either the basses or the high pitches and above all the harmonics: in a way we deem having been able to restore the famous dynamics of Furtwängler, mainly in his Schumann Fourth which remains undoubtedly one of the most famous recordings of the Twentieth century (which of course didn't prevent an anti-Furtwänglerian to speak of his "rural style"!)

Date : April, 2005 - Barre code : 3504129109912

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Composer : Bruckner, Schumann, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Furtwängler

Leo Borchard (1899-1945)

Tah 520 - Leo Borchard (1899-1945)

Tchaikovski, Weber, Glazounov - Telefunken studio recordings (1934/1945)

This CD is a tribute to Leo Borchard who was the first musical director of the Berlin Philharmonic after the downfall of the Nazi regime but who, after only 22 concerts, was accidentally shot dead by a wild bullet in Berlin in August 1945.
This pupil of Scherchen was also part of the group of German resistance called «Onkel Emil». The recordings in this CD contain two first ever issues, i.e. the first known recordings of the Berlin Philharmonic after the war.

Date : September, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129052010

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Composer : Dvorak, Mozart, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Borchard

The art of Vaclav Talich - Vol. II

Tah 518/519 - The art of Vaclav Talich - Vol. II

Mozart, Dvorak, Tchaikovski

After having issued an album with Talich conducting solely works by Dvorak, this second set contains rare recordings with the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra of which he was one of the founders plus a very rare New World Symphony recorded during the war by the Czech branch of His Master's Voice. The booklet contains the complete discography of Talich.

Date : September, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129051815

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Composer : Dvorak, Mozart, Tchaikovsky
Artist : Talich