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Latest releaseKathleen Ferrier in Memoriam

Tah 725 - Kathleen Ferrier in Memoriam


[1] MAHLER: Das Lied von der Erde (der Einsame im Herbst) - [2] MAHLER: Das Lied von der Erde (von der Schönheit) - Wiener Philharmoniker, Conductor: Bruno Walter (Salzburg, 21.VIII.1949)

[3] BACH: « Erbarme dich, mein Gott » (Saint Matthew Passion ) - Wiener Sinfoniker, Conductor: Herbert von Karajan (9.VI.1950)

[4] HAENDEL: « Where ‘er you walk » (Semele)
[5] HAENDEL: « Like as the love-lorn turtle » (Atalanta) - [6] GLUCK: « Ah diletta Euridice » (Orpheus and Eurydice) - Piano: Giorgio Favaretto (Milan, 6.II.1951)

[7] MAHLER: Das Lied von der Erde (Der Abschied)
Wiener Philharmoniker, Conductor: Bruno Walter (17.V.1952)
[8] INTERVIEW: August 1949

Kathleen Ferrier’s premature death, on 8 October 1953 at the age of 41, took everybody by surprise due to the veil of silence behind which she had hidden her illness, whereby the public was not in the least prepared to this fatal outcome. To celebrate Kathleen Ferrier’s hundredth birthday, we are releasing the present SACD with excerpts from the Lied von der Erde broadcasted from the Salzburg Festival in 1949, with the Wiener Philarmoniker under Bruno Walter, as well as a very rare interview.

Date : April, 2012 - Barre code : 3504129072513

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Composer : Gluck, Bach, Haendel, Mahler
Artist : Favaretto, Ferrier, Karajan, Sabata, Walter

Previously unissued Mahler archives

Tah 642-644 - Previously unissued Mahler archives

CD I: Symphony No. 1 (Staatskapelle Dresden, J. Keilberth conducting) 4.II.1950
CD II: Symphony No. 2 (NWDR Sinfonieorchester, Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt conducting, soloists: Oda Balsborg and Sieglinde Wagner) 12.XI.1956
CD III: Symphony No. 4 (Städtisches Opernhaus- und Museumsorchester, Bruno Walter conducting, soloist: Annelies Kupper) 4.IX.1950

One of the essential traits in Mahler’s creation is the fact that his works consist only of Lieder and symphonies. This apparently fortuitous fact is of capital importance: in fact it is the vivifying source of the Lied that nourished in him the symphonic flow and conditioned its evolution, at least in the first four symphonies.
The present three recordings come from German archives (Keilberth in Dresden, Schmidt-Isserstedt in Hamburg and Walter in Frankfurt).

Date : August, 2007 - Barre code : 3504129064211

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Composer : Mahler
Artist : Balsborg, Keilberth, Kupper, Schmidt-Isserstedt, Walter

Previously unissued recordings of Bruno Walter

Tah 620/621 - Previously unissued recordings of Bruno Walter

CD I: Mozart: Symphony No. 40 (Orchestra della RAI Roma - 19.IV.1952) - Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 (Orchestra della RAI Roma - 18.V.1954) - CD II: Mahler: Symphony No. 4 (Soloist: Carla Schlean - Orchestra della RAI Roma - 19.IV.1952)

Bruno Walter's activity in Italy, between 1911 and 1956, was not very important and includes only 35 concerts and 9 operatic performances.
RAI of Rome recorded some concerts in 1952 and 1954: the three present previously unissued recordings are of this period.

Note : Available for downloading on i-tunes

Date : February, 2007 - Barre code : 3504129062019

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Composer : Beethoven, Mahler, Mozart
Artist : Walter

Bruno Walter in Paris (Mozart, Brahms, Mahler...)

Tah 587/589 - Bruno Walter in Paris (Mozart, Brahms, Mahler...)

Haydn: Symphony No. 96, Mozart: Symphony No. 38, Brahms: Symphony No. 2, Wagner: Siegfried Idyll, R. Strauss: Don Juan, Mahler: Symphony No. 4 - Orchestre National de France, Maria Stader, Soprano - Direction: Bruno Walter (Live May 5 and 12, 1955)
Bruno Walter only came rather late to France where he only gave a few concerts: for the first time in 1928, at a Mozart Festival and then after the war, in 1952, 1955 and 1956.
The present two concerts were given at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in May 1955 and were recorded in excellent conditions by the French Radio and are released her complete, from the master tapes.
The programme includes some of the usual works from his repertoire, particularly the Brahms Second that was his preferred one, and the Mahler Fourth, performed by Maria Stader as soloist, whose «childlike» voice does wonders…

Date : May, 2006 - Barre code : 3504129058715

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Composer : Brahms, Haydn, Mahler, Mozart
Artist : Walter

Archives Bruno Walter : Bruckner, Mahler

Tah 571/572 - Archives Bruno Walter : Bruckner, Mahler

Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 New York Philharmonic (27 XII 1953) - Mahler: Symphony No. 4 - Irmgard Seefried, soprano - Wiener Philharmoniker - Bruno Walter (1950)

Note : Not for sale in the USA

Date : August, 2005 - Barre code : 3504129057114

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Composer : Bruckner, Mahler
Artist : Walter

Bruno Walter in New York Vol. 2

Tah 545/546 - Bruno Walter in New York Vol. 2

Mozart: Exsultate Jubilate - Brahms: piano concerto No. 2 (Myra Hess), violin concerto (Erica Morini) and symphony No. 2 (New York Philharmonic Orchestra, 1953)

This second album dedicated to Bruno Walter conducting the New York Philharmonic, comprises a Brahms cycle that he gave in 1953 as well as Mozart's Exsultate Jubilate. The artists, all of worldwide reputation, are the soprano Irmgard Seefried, the British pianist Myra Hess and the violinist Erica Morini whom Walter admired very much. Although these recordings are not first issues, they have been released in rather poor conditions. We have had access to the original sources of excellent mono quality.

Note : Not for sale in the USA

Date : September, 2004 - Barre code : 3504129054519

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Composer : Brahms, Mozart
Artist : Walter

Bruno Walter in Stockholm (Mozart/Schubert)

Tah 508/509 - Bruno Walter in Stockholm (Mozart/Schubert)

CD 1 : Mozart : Symphonie no 40, Kv. 550 (Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Live 17.V.1952 - inédit) - Mozart : Serenade no 3, Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Symphonie no 39, Kv. 543
CD 2: Schubert : Symphonie n° 8(9) Great (Stockholm Philharmonic orchestra, Live 8.IX.1950)

This album contains an entire Live concert that Bruno Walter gave in Stockholm in 1950, with works by Mozart and Schubert. This concert was released a long time ago by some labels on LP but never in its complete version.

Date : November, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129050818

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Composer : Mozart, Schubert
Artist : Walter

Bruno Walter in Amsterdam

Tah 504 - Bruno Walter in Amsterdam

Brahms : Schicksalslied, op. 54 (Live 22.X.1947) - Mahler : Symphony No 1 (Live 16.X.1947) - Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam - Amsterdam Toonkunstkoor

Date : August, 2003 - Barre code : 3504129050412

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Composer : Brahms, Mahler
Artist : Walter

Walter (Anniversary edition for the ten years of Tahra)

Tah 452 - Walter (Anniversary edition for the ten years of Tahra)

Walter : Mozart: Symphony No. 40 - Brahms : Symphony No. 2 - Berlin Philharmonic, 25.IX.1950

Press review
« Dynamique incommensurablement supérieure à celle de l'édition Hunt. La 2e de Brahms est extrêmement excitante avec un Walter littéralement allumé dans le finale. » (Répertoire)
« Bénéficiant d'un remarquable report, les présentes interprétations déjà rééditées dans de moins bonnes conditions par Music and Arts et Urania, concilient la grandeur légèreté, la plénitude et la luminosité. La symphonie n° 40 est empreinte d'une sereine gravité et d'une extrême flexibilité: ce Mozart chante, respire, émeut, et frappe par la justesse des tempi, du climat et des phrasés. » (Monde de la Musique)

Date : N/A - Barre code : 3504129045210

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Composer : Brahms, Mozart
Artist : Walter